19 Weeks!!!!

So I am finally feeling awesome!  After over 3 months of exhaustion, in-and-out nausea and constantly being short of breath, I FINALLY feel great!  Granted that every couple of days I will be BEYOND tired by the end of the day, I contribute that to just being a mom of three who is still running a ton while growing a baby.


Speaking of, running has been the best so far out of the four pregnancies.  The other day I even was able to get a real long run in!  16 miles at 7:30 pace with hills.  I felt great! (And thanks to my new friend Allison, it flew by!).  Additionally I am still running sub 7 minute pace for over half of my runs and have even started incorporating hill repeats in on the treadmill.  Not to mention my weeks are filled with fast paced jogger stroller runs too.


Due to my past experiences as a pregnant runner, I have learned that running during pregnancy is not “training” during pregnancy.  You cannot make goals, you cannot set a race schedule and you never know how you are going to feel.  When I do feel good however, I always go with it!  I run the extra mile (or five), pick up the pace, add in some planks and make short term running plans with local friends to keep my momentum going.   As I go threw round four, I truly do feel like an expert of not only my own body, but the art of running through pregnancy in general.


While I am in the best part of pregnancy for running right now due to the increased blood volume, still not huge (I’ve gained roughly 8-9 pounds) and have my energy back, I am still being cautious.  The last thing I want to do it take this momentum and run myself into injury, so I am sure to take an easy day every third day.  While sometimes I feel like I am on a roll and throw in 2 days of awesome workouts (a good workout for me at this point in pregnancy would be like a 10 mile run at 6:45 pace) I am always sure to chill a little on day three.  OR if I have plans to run with faster friends, I cut back a little the day before.  There is so much changing in my body right now and it is easy for my to forget I am pregnant!  Reminding myself that if I want run through the NEXT 20 weeks, recovery is key.


Obviously things have been going smooth at this point with running and everything else, but my only complaint is that this pregnancy is flying by too fast!  While it is exciting to think about having another little guy running around the house, having four kids still freaks me out a little (or a lot!)!  The organized chaos will in our house will just have to be a little more chaotic and I will do my best to keep the organized part up to par.  I have a feeling there will be a LOT of training runs on the treadmill at 5:00 AM!


While I am scared, I am overwhelmed with excitement however and it has not kept me from keeping some lofty running goals. The Olympic trials will be 8 months after the baby comes and I can’t stop thinking how bad I want to toe that line!  Additionally, I have had the amazing opportunity to run for NIKE trail, so hitting up some trail races ASAP after baby will be on the agenda as well.  After having Robin (baby number 3) I was in sort of a mental run funk and felt unmotivated (similar to after having my first baby).  This time around though, I am itching to race (which was a very similar place I was in when I got pregnant for the second time, which was also 8 months before the trials)! I only raced once after having Robin (do to the fast turn over in getting pregnant, the race went well too, fastest women’s time at the Dipsea) and I am feeling hungry to tap into some of my potential.  Obviously doing it with 4 little people that depend on me constantly will be a challenge, but I know I can do it.  SO here we go, one step at a time, getting a little bigger and a little slower everyday, lets see how things go with round 4!  Loving every stride of the way!  OH! And it’s a BOY!

IMG_0759(1)Me and the whole crew last night before New Years Eve adventure on Mt. Tam.  You can see the bump popping through!  :-)

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