37 Weeks- How, Where and Why I am still going strong!

At 37 weeks I am still going! I am putting in 6-10 miles a day with a day off or on the elliptical here and there. I am also happy to report too that at this far point in my pregnancy running feels much better than it did for my others at the 37-week mark. […]

pregnant jogger

32 Weeks! Pushing the Jogger Stroller

With just 8 short weeks to go, I am finally starting to feel pretty huge!  While I am still able to run up to 10 miles, my runs are starting to slow down a little as well.  It was just three weeks ago I could still hammer 8 miles at 6:40 pace (don’t get me […]

28 weeks

Almost 28 weeks! The Third trimester and the Pelvic Floor!

I can NOT believe that come this Saturday I will be in my third trimester!  This pregnancy is going by so much faster than the rest it isn’t even funny!!!  So far everything has been going awesome still.  Unlike my last post, I am feeling a little less “unstoppable” due to my stomach starting to […]