I am here to design a perfect training plan for you to meet your running goals. I have experience helping runners train for 5k’s to marathons at all levels. My plan as a coach is to help my athletes fit running into their lives at ease so that it is fun and rewarding. I will design a personalized schedule, help you pick the best races, check out your running form and most importantly, get you running faster than you ever have!

As your coach I will provide you with a monthly schedule (subject to change everyday based on your feedback). I charge a monthly rate that includes the schedule, the option to talk or email me everyday and occasional meetings. The schedule I will make for you will be designed specifically for you and will include all types of fun workouts. I will be sure to learn about your schedule before making your running plans so that running doesn’t compete with other important obligations in your life.

My services also include form analysis, form drills, race planning, race strategy advice, nutritional tips and any other running tips or information that you need.

Along with adults, I also have lots of experience with kids (I have a Masters Degree in Education, spent a year teaching kindergarten and have coached children on all ages). I would be happy to help your son or daughter get ready for track or cross-country season OR work on running to help with other sports. With kids I would meet one on one (or with a group) and proctor a workout that includes: a warm up, form drills, stretches, running tips and an abdominal session.

Monthly Rate: $200

Hourly Kids Rate: $75

Hourly Adult Rate: $100