What!!!! I am pregnant AGAIN!!!!

The rumors are true! I am pregnant for the FOURTH time!  Due to some IUD malfunctions my family and I are now expecting another little Peterson.  While at first my husband and I completely freaked out, we have now chilled out and realized that we are awesome parents with awesome kids and it will be a blessing for any little person out there to join our fun.  PLUS the baby will be so close in age to our most recent addition (Robin, who is now 10 months old) that we figure it will just be as if we had twins the last go round.  Unfortunately I will have to cancel my fall race schedule (and I was FINALLY in great shape after baby number three!!!) but I know if I maintain my fitness and run through this pregnancy like I did with my first three, I can still race between now and May 29th (due date) but it just may be at a little bit of a slower pace :-).

I immediately knew I was pregnant at around 5 weeks.  Now that I have been through this so many times I don’t even think there is need for a pregnancy test!  This time I was out doing my staple Friday workout to get ready for the US half marathon trail champs (coming up next week, which I will have to cancel).  The workout starts out with a hilly moderate paced 10 mile run (roughly 1200 feet of climbing with a 7 min average, hills included) and then go straight into a flat five mile tempo.  While I was thrilled that my tempo average had dropped from my usual 6 min pace to about 5:40’s,  I was very distracted by my lack of ability to get a deep breath in.  At first I thought I was getting a cold or something as I am ALWAYS able to get that deep breath in to feed my muscles air, but I literally failed every attempt.

I didn’t think too much about my short of breath issue until later that night.  I hadn’t had too much of an appetite the rest of the day (probably due to the start of morning sickness) so before stepping into the shower, I was appalled to catch a glimpse of my stomach in the mirror.  I had FINALLY got my abdominal muscles back.  Like a real six pack.  Took me about 7-8 months this time (unlike my second, I was rockin’ a six pack like 4 months later) but they were looking pretty cut.  Not on that day.  It was literally like they had turned to mush AND they were even sticking out a little around the uterus section of my stomach.  That’s when I got flashbacks from February of 2013 when I found out I was pregnant with my third.  Less than five weeks of being pregnant, the exact same thing happened!  When I get pregnant, these days my uterus doesn’t waste anytime.  It gets ready for a baby and doesn’t hold back!  It gets worse with each kid too!  I sometimes lie about how pregnant I am in the beginning because I look so much more pregnant than I really am!  SO, long story short, I happened to have an old dusty pregnancy test laying around from years ago, took it and got two bright blue lines within in minutes.

So now my journey begins.  The morning sickness hit within days of finding out.  Weird food cravings have already kicked in as well.  My need for potato chips and anything else with fat (fatty meats, avocado, buttery eggs, anything buttery, chicken salad with lots of mayo, anything with mayo, cheese and anything else that reads lots of fat on the nutrition label, is pretty much the only kinds of food that I can hold down.

I am also SOOOO short of breath on my runs.  I have stopped hard workouts and long runs for now (they say I am at “higher risk” for miscarriage due to having the IUD) so I am trying not to overdo it.  It is hard though because I started this pregnancy in such good shape (unlike my last when I was injured when I found out).  I have still been running 45 minutes to 65 minutes everyday (with an occasional day off) anywhere from 6:30 pace to 7:45’s (some days I feel terrible and can hardly move, pretty typical for the first trimester).  I also push the jogger 2-3 days a week, I think I will have to start saving up for the double again (recently sold our last double jogger due to our older two kids being in pre school and kindergarten now!  Woops!) In general this first trimester running is sooooo hard because I have been so out of breath!  This has happened to me with all of my pregnancies, so I just tell myself it is like training at altitude.  Once I hit about 20 weeks, my blood volume will have increased by about 40% back and my endurance strength will be out of this world, but in the mean time, I just have to get through the terrible first trimester before I really start taking this little guy for a real ride!

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